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My name is Kimberley, I'm 24 years old and live in rural Victoria, Australia. I rather enjoy being creative, it's fun and makes me happy.... but truth be told - I just like to make a mess!

Paper Crafts, Up-cycling, Card Making you name it! I'm alway's on the lookout for new DIY's and crafts. There are are so many talented people out there who are so inspiring to me!

My Oma (grandma) was a fantastic knitter, crocheter & quilter - It's now up to me to learn how to do these things - I've a few projects to finish, I hope you can help me with some tips and tricks too!

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By milimbo on Etsy

I think I can create some inspired artwork from this!

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Quote Decor Wine Bottles

Here’s an idea for old wine (or really any bottle). Paint it with your favorite color of paint. The picture uses matte but gloss may look better. Once the paint is dry, paint a rectangle of chalkboard paint on the front. Let it dry as well.
Wrap tweed or any string you want around the bottom and top of the bottle. You can use any strong glue to keep it on. Apply glue before you roll it on or as you go.
Write your favorite quote or picture! I’d say throw a flower (fake or not) to add a little more.

Try using different alcohol bottles as some have square bodies that allow for easier writing.


Flip the switch on a staid old shade with the subtle but dreamy touch of ombré. Whether inspired by a beach day spent staring at horizon blues, or artist Mark Rothko’s gorgeous gradients, it’s time to light up a room with this heavenly hue!

To create: Squeeze a dollop of the cornflower color fabric paint onto a paper plate. Starting from the top, paint approximately 1/4 of the lamp shade using a foam brush. Clean the brush, then dilute the paint by applying horizontal strokes of water to create a gradient. Work downwards until you reach the middle of the shade. Paint half of the bottom section using the cool blue paint color. Clean the brush again, then dilute the lighter color until you reach the bottom by applying more horizontal strokes of water. Take a dry brush to blend the entire shade with slow strokes to finish off your ombré design!
Photo by William Brinson for Glamour Magazine

Cute sign!!

A very simple tutorial on DIY Lanterns!

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