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My name is Kimberley, I'm 24 years old and live in rural Victoria, Australia. I rather enjoy being creative, it's fun and makes me happy.... but truth be told - I just like to make a mess!

Paper Crafts, Up-cycling, Card Making you name it! I'm alway's on the lookout for new DIY's and crafts. There are are so many talented people out there who are so inspiring to me!

My Oma (grandma) was a fantastic knitter, crocheter & quilter - It's now up to me to learn how to do these things - I've a few projects to finish, I hope you can help me with some tips and tricks too!

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If you’re stuck for ideas for presents, try this quick and easy personalized gift for your family and friends. These only took me 20 or so minutes to whip up, take your time arranging the letters in the right order and as straight as you can!

You can easily buy these box frames (scrapbooking or 3D frames), and then choose from an assortment of papers to best display your art.

Vintage wooden scrabble tiles are easily found on ebay, you can buy bulk packs of 300, so it works out to be 13c a tile (though if you run out of a specific letter like I did, packs of 10 ‘letter’ costs a lot more)

Have Fun!

Just a little teaser… I’m about to create a Steampunk Top Hat for a costume party!

Wish me luck!!

My friend is having her first baby due in a few weeks!

A couple of us girls decided to make her a baby blanket with a FARM theme - my square is going to be a Whimsy Apple Tree

(I’m not that great at stitching though!)

It’s my nephews 5th birthday soon in May, so I’ve decided to make this year some Stegosaurus Socks!

This means I also have to make some for his 2 younger brothers…

Just like last year’s Hoodie Towels and the year before with the Dino Hoodie, Shark & Lion Hoodies!

Tutorial coming soon :)

As people get older sometimes finding the right birthday present is a bit tricky. And considering my husband I have only a week between our birthdays, can put the strain on ideas for gifts for both of us. And as we are building our house this year (Merry Heart Build) we didn’t want people to feel as if they needed to buy US something purely for our Birthdays.

So I cam up with the idea of a kind of Birthday Gift Register - having a list of handy items or little projects that we wish to undertake, our friends (if they’re stuck for a gift) can put a little money towards something they know we really need, want, and will find helpful!

I found these great DIY Invitation Envelopes by Christina Re, and felt I could easily spruce these up with colour for my vouchers.

First things first, I was wanting to try and find whimsical, cute scrapbook paper designs to insert into these folded envelopes. Each one would have a different design in them. And I cut them to fit the sleeve (where the gift of money would be inserted)

I created my own Birthday insert, leaving room for a personal message, ‘gift of $$’ and Project they’d like to ‘donate’ towards for our birthdays. And using matching Washi Tape stuck them in (easily removable if I ever need to).

And using an old Crackers Box, I wrapped that in pretty paper, and fixed a kind of Introduction/How To letter on the front!

Hopefully this takes the Hard Decisions out of Birthday Gifts!!

So, you probably couldn’t help noticing all those pop up ads for Lust Have it, or Bellabox or Violet Box. Here in Australia, those beauty subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular. And the range is expanding, with baby boxes, fashion boxes, foodie boxes and home wear boxes all popping up!

I’ve always found it interesting about all the mixed responses to these subscription services, particularly I’ve been looking at those in the hair/beauty line. A couple of my friends have LHI and VB subs, and have mentioned that there were a few negatives about it:

  1. Satchets - I hate satchets, how can one properly try a product enough to know if they like it, or if it works for them. Or once their opened the product just oozes out and creates a mess!
  2. Useless Products - in regards to products that are in no way suited to the person. Example, My friend received some mineral make up in a VERY DARK shade, she being quite pale was obviously quite disappointed that she couldn’t try it.
  3. Missing Products - oh yes, ‘each box contains 6 samples’, both have received boxes with less than 6 as described. Another annoyance, the whole you will receive ‘4-5’ samples. So in some months you pay for 5 samples, and in some only 4… a little inconsistent to me!
  4. Elusive Products- that fantastic feeling when you’ve found a beautiful product, that you absolutely love…. and then can’t buy it. Either its only available in David Jones, or Meyers, or its no longer available through the company. These subscription boxes are just teasing you with tiny amounts, yet no easy purchasing is provided.
  5. LATE Delivery - oh yes, more than not, the parcels do not arrive in the month stated, and the most common excuse is that it’s all down to Australia Post.
  6. Fees - I was never to fond of monthly transactions from my credit card (apart from the bank, insurance etc). My friends haven’t had any problem, but it doesn’t take much to find out about unauthorised transactions, difficulty in ceasing transactions. 
  7. Non Existing Discounts - again, since these services dont actually provide the products. Discounts offered with the samples from the retailers become invalid. (because your box came late!)

Obviously there are positives with all these subscription services, a lot of the time things go really well. With positives contradicting all those negatives previously listed. But still the problems are out there.

Here comes beautyEDIT, a new, emerging beauty subscription service. And already I’ve noticed a few differing positives:

  1. NO SACHETS- beautyEDIT are quick to say that no sachets will be given as a main sample in their parcels (only as an added extra), this has already received a big TICK in my mind.
  2. Beauty Profile - What a great idea! A quick and easy (and simple) questionnaire about your skin type, hair type, complexion and concerns, so that (where possible) samples can be ‘edited’ to you.
  3. Shop the Edit - You can buy the full sized versions of your samples direct from their website, no searching for nearby retailers for your beloved products! And, to my excitement, more products from those ranges.
  4. Once Off Payments- Music to my ears. A one time transaction at the beginning of your subscription, without fears of reoccurring fees. 
  5. Exclusive Offers - Because beautyEDIT stock the products, their offers, discounts, specials are easily obtainable. And can be redeemed, again through their website!

So, excitedly my mouse cursor clicked the SUBSCRIBE button, for a minimum ‘2 Parcel’ subscription costing only $40. I justified this as giving up 4 coffees a week for only 2 weeks! And since I am writing this in pas-tense, as predicted within seven days (5 days) I received my FIRST BEAUTY EDIT PARCEL!


Already, I am noticing the attention and though they’ve put into even the outer sleeve that protects the beautyEDIT parcel inside. I can’t wait to open it. But that my friends is for another post!

I used a similar pattern for my Sweet Scalloped Tote


DIY Linen Scallop Tote:

Tutorial from Taylor Made, based on a pattern from See Kate Sew.

Cute sign!!

DIY Decorated Clipboards - I got sick of looking at the plain old Masonite clipboards, so I decided to decorate them. It’s easy, simply cut out scrapbooking paper to fit onto the clipboard. Apply a good base coat of MOD PODGE then place paper on top. Allow to dry for a couple of hours to avoid wrinkles and do a good TOP COAT of the podge to seal!

My Sunday School class is up to the story where Josephs’ brothers return to Egypt, this is the story where Joseph puts a cup in his younger brother Benjamin’s’ bag.

So for this lesson I got all excited and thought of a cute take home craft for my kids – Wheat Bags – which are so easy to make!

  • I simply cut out a ‘bag’ shape on two pieces of fabric.
  • Turn the two ‘bag’ shaped fabrics right side together, and double stich around the edges, turn right way out.
  • Pour some wheat into the top of the bag with a funnel, and sew/stich the top up.
  • I tied some fabric around the top to hide my horrible sewing there!