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My name is Kimberley, I'm 24 years old and live in rural Victoria, Australia. I rather enjoy being creative, it's fun and makes me happy.... but truth be told - I just like to make a mess!

Paper Crafts, Up-cycling, Card Making you name it! I'm alway's on the lookout for new DIY's and crafts. There are are so many talented people out there who are so inspiring to me!

My Oma (grandma) was a fantastic knitter, crocheter & quilter - It's now up to me to learn how to do these things - I've a few projects to finish, I hope you can help me with some tips and tricks too!

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Washi Notebook - With A Merry Heart

I finally finished my canvas. Quite pleased with myself actually. Now to hang it on a wall!!

I’ve created my first With A Merry Heart logo!

I’m always open to creative and inspiring ideas! What do you think?

Thought I’d share a photo of our End Of Year party for the little kids. Decorations on a budget! Come cool tips coming up.


It’s that festive time of the year again where gift wrapping is very important, It sets the moment of joy before being ripped off to reveal the surprise inside. Now my ribbons are kept crumpled in a ribbon box under my desk, and it is a big no no to use crumpled ribbon when wrapping presents. 

Some people Iron their ribbons, though you wants to keep an iron on thier desk? Or have to go to the laundry to get it? That’s why I now use a Mini Hair Straightener!image

What you need: Crumpled ribbon, Iron, Ironing Board, Mini Hair Straightener!

Simply gather your crumpled ribbon together.  Turn on your straightener, and gently run over your ribbon! 


 As you can see, half of the ribbon is now straighened! And the other, remains crumpled. It’s so quick and easy you might as well do the rest of your ribbons! Perfectly smooth gift wrapping ribbons… without having to leave the room!

My latest craft tool … a Mini Straightener!!

Which I purchased (along with a whole lot of other hair & beauty items) from great Auzzie online store. 

Why does a Mini Straightener need to be in my Craft Desk??  I’ll show you in my next post!


Got a spare 45minutes?! That all it took me to whip up one of these pencil cases! I find it very distracting when all you can hear is the rattle of pencils when kids are trying to find the perfect colour… so with some inspiration from Martha Stewart I made my own ‘sound-proof’ pencil cases.

What You Need

  • Placemats
  • Shoe Lace / Ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Sewing Machine
  • Clips (optional)
1. Find yourself some placemats. Make sure the material is stiff and strong enough to withstand being thrown around from here to there, in kids bags, on the floor etc. But not too thick as you cant fold it, sew it, to make your roll up pencil case. Seeing these are for my nephews, I thought some bright colours will be best.
2. Fold over the placemat, leaving about 2inches unfolded. Press firmly with an iron to get a sharp fold on the bottom of the case.
3. Using a pencil, mark every inch along the top and bottom of the folded over side of the placemat. 1 inch will be enough to hold a slim pencil or pen, if holding thicker pencils/pens I suggest spacing the lines farther apart.


4. I’m not that great of sewing in a straight line, so I’ve then ruled from top to bottom of those 1 inch lines to give me something to follow along.

5.  My placemat was to thick to pin shut, so I’ve used clips to keep the edges together.

6. Sew along each line, remembering to double stitch the ends to prevent unravelling.


7. Keep sewing along all the lines, leaving the last edge unsewn.

8. Get your shoelace or ribbon (I’ve used shoelace as its more ‘boyish’ than ribbon)

9. Insert your shoelace between the folded placemat, along the edge, being careful not to make it too thick, or bunched up.


10. Sew along the edge of the placemat, securing the shoelace in place.

11. Slide your pens/pencils into the ‘pouches’.

12. Roll up placemat towards shoelace end, and tie closed to complete your Roll Up Pencil Case!

My Aunty had the fab idea of turing her old TV Cabinet into a Play Kitchen for her Daughter! A Great way of re-purposing furniture instead of throwing it away or trying to sell it. Have you got any more fab ideas like this?

So I saw this on good ‘ol Mrs Stewart… and I thought hey I can do that! And so after 45 minutes I had done it! A bright and handy present for my 3yr old nephew - now I won’t hear that annoying rattling of pencils while they search through an entire pencil case - not with my handy Roll Up Placemat Pencil Case! I will post a tutorial up shortly! In the meantime you’d better start looking for exciting placemats!

My DIY cork board from an old bedhead sits nicely on my mod podge craft desk! I got the cork pieces from bunnings (8pk $12), bed head from garage sale ($20). 1. Trace the outline of the bedhead (or any wooden shape you are using) onto paper. Cut out & transfer onto cork. Using a cutting knife you can easily work around corners to cut shape. 2. Arrange cork board on bed head so u get the most area out if each piece (using whole squares where you can is best) 3. Glue on pieces of cork using a hot glue gun, or even plain craft glue. Make sure you have the cork facing all one way so you get the same texture on your board. 4. I then used gloss white paint to seal the cork (so it doesn’t chip when placing pins in it) and tadaah! My own bedhead cork board!!